Dr Ann Love

Dr. Ann Love is a Behavioral Therapist with clinic locations in Newport Beach, California and Arlington, Texas. She specializes in healing emotional pain, stemming from unhealthy childhood experiences, dysfunctional romantic relationships, extreme demands of maintaining celebrity image or performance including physical, sexual or emotional abuse. She is the founder of The Love Clinic Inc. and lecturer.  She is the host of the “Live With The Love Doctor” television show which airs on KSCI TV LA 18 at 6:00 am and on Universal Broadcasting Network at UBNRadio.com. Formerly on PAX-TV now ION TV, the show also aired on 100.7 FM, KWRD in Dallas, Texas. “The Love Doctor” is a live call-in talk radio show that is on iTunes, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and Stitcher . She has been a repeated guest on Daystar Television and the program is still airing  in English and Spanish world wide.  Her books include The Hermaphrodite Personality, Daddy Love, False Male Personality and EVE (A Woman’s Anthology).

Dr.Love has a PhD and is a former Adjunct Professor of Hematology at Tarleton State University. She managed the Hematology Department at Arlington Memorial Hospital. She traveled all over the United States to deliver lectures to DR ANN LOVE

cardiologists and emergency room physicians in clinical chemistry using her expertise in Brain Natriuretic Peptides (BNP) as it relates to congestive heart failure and cardiac markers in myocardial infarctions. Her lectures were held at Louisiana State University, University of Oklahoma Medical Center, and she served as the keynote speaker on Brain Natriuretic Peptides at the Clinical Laboratory Management Association. She taught HPLC applications to the graduate students at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her background also includes years of management in clinical settings such as the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD in the Department of Special Chemistry and Toxicology, Abbott Diagnostic Laboratories, Irving, Texas and Biosite Diagnostics of San Diego, California.


Angela Smith is the Chief Operating Officer for the clinic and is the television sound engineer and guest speaker.

Brook Smith is Dr. Love’s Personal Administrator and tracks all appointments and speaking engagements.

Lawrence Smith is the Sexual Addictions Counselor and guest speaker on the Love Doctor Radio Show.

Professor John Schantz is a mathematician acts as head of research and development and lecturer on various topics.

Professor Doris  Schantz is also a mathmatician and is on staff as a senior lecturer.

Perfecta Arteaga assists with the production of The Love Doctor TV that aired on ION TV and formerly worked with Telemundo TV.

Yvonne Smith, Samuel Smith and Diane Genet work with conferences and group therapy sessions cross country.

Rey Hunt is Head of Technical Support and provides network services, video editing, camera, lighting and technical support for the Live With The Love Doctor television and radio.

Ron Hunt is the Executive Administrator, Vice-President of Accounting, Financial Services and chief editor.

Heather Hunt is the Social Media Network Specialist for the Love Doctor Show and the clinic in Newport Beach, Ca.

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